Christmas Wreaths to Honor the Unknown

During the second world war, to liberate Italy, the Americans and their Allies conducted three amphibious landings. Operation Husky in Sicily, Avalanche in Salerno and Operation Shingle in Nettuno. During these three operations, many of the deceased were buried here in Nettuno, at the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery. Among the 7,861 of American military graves are 480 unknown crosses. In collaboration with, the official florist of the American cemetery, Tony lonero we will be riding with his friends on May 4, 2017 from Sicily to the sicily rome american cemetery in Nettuno non stop 1100km to raise money for the purchase of wreaths to honor each of the unknown soldiers to be placed on their crosses December 24,2017. Click here to buy or donate!!!
sicily rome
sicily rome

Sicily–Rome American Cemetery and Memorial

The Sicily-Rome American Cemetery is located in Nettuno Italy. Register on our website and order beautiful flower arrangements designed to follow the cemetery guidelines. We are dedicated to excellence and you can be assured that your order will be delivered on time and respectfully placed on your loved one's grave.

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Wreath Of Mixed Flowers

Delightful wreath of mixed seasonal flowers and foliage. Price includes a dedication ribbon to be put on the wreath